How long does it take for my Minecraft server to be setup?

All minecraft server plans with VillagerHost are setup instantly after payment. You will be emailed all relevant server information, including your dashboard link, username, password and server IP Address, as well as a quick start guide to help you get your server up and running!

Common Issues

  • Spam/Junk
The most common issue with email providers is that the email containing your server information was marked as spam/junk by your email provider. Please ensure you have checked your junk/spam folder, as often, our emails can end up here. To avoid this occuring in future, please add our email address as a contact/safe sender. 

  • Currency 
If you are paying with a currency outside of USD/GBP such as EURO, and paying via Paypal, then in some situations the payment will need be claimed by ourself due to exhange rates. If you have paid with a currency such as EURO, please check to see if your service is "pending" from the client area. If this is the case, please create a support ticket for the billing department, in which we can get the payment accepted and your server started.

  • Payment
If you have not fully paid for your service, the service will not be setup. Please ensure that you have paid fully, and that it has gone through. If this is the case, and you have had no email back from us, or your service is listed as "pending", then please create a support ticket to the billing department, along with your trasaction ID. You can find this by clicking on the payment on Paypal, and following the screenshot below.


  • Other

If your service has not been setup, and you cannot see any of the reasons above being relevant, please send our billing team a support ticket, and we will investigate further for you as soon as possible. There are many other reasons why your service has not setup. Optionally, you can also email "" with your client area email/order/invoice ID and we can investigate further there.

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