VillagerHost Sponsorships

Get SponsoredGot a YouTube, Twitch or Mixer platform? We want to help!

We love helping creators out! That is why we have introduced our brand new Sponsorship program, which is open to all creators. Regardless of your size, we want to help, and have a range of options to help you get kick-started! You can view some of the benefits we offer below!

Free Web & Game Services

We offer free game services, such as Minecraft servers to sponsors!
See below for requirements.

Custom Promotional Code and link

You will get your very own promotional discount code and link to share, with your own custom branding!

Earn additional revenue with no terms

Earn additional income by being sponsored by VillagerHost with your own link and code!
Learn more about this below.

Lifetime discount on our services

All partners are eligible for a lifetime discount on their services.
We also offer custom packages

So whats next?

You can find our frequently asked questions, as well as requirements listed below

  • What are the requirements?

    We support creators of all sizes, as we want to help creators grow! All sizes are eligible for the features listed above, however, we can only offer a free services to selected applicants of larger sizes.

    Smaller creators can still get their very own promotional code, link as well as the ability to make money - and you will still get all the relevant branidng from us!

    We monitor all of our accepted sponsors, and as you grow, we will increase the benefits offered, which can include free services. This is reviewed on a per creator basis, so please include as much detail in your application

  • How can i earn money through the program?

    All accepted sponsors will get their own choice of a custom affiliate code, that will offer a discount to their fans, as well a custom link that they can share.

    If someobody purchases a service through their code/link, you will earn a % of the amount. Unlike regular affiliates, sponsors have no minimum for withdraws, and therefore can request this at anytime to their PayPal account!

  • What do i get for being part of the program?

    This depends on your channel size, however, all sizes are confirmed to recieve a custom affiliate code, link as well as the ability to earn revenue from their channel!

    You will also be classed as an official sponsor of VillagerHost, and you will be sent official branding that you can use too. We have an extensive community, and we want to try and help as many creators as we can!

    For slightly larger channels, these will be eligible for free service(s) too - however, we do offer custom packages and discounts for sponsors. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss this first, please feel free to contact us beforehand!

  • Can i apply if i do not have a channel?

    Yes! We consider all applications that are submitted to us!

    Please include as much detail in your message, so we can fully consider your application

  • How do i apply?

    Please fill out the form, and include the details mentioned below click here to apply!

    Please include your channel and social media links here, as well as why you think you would be a great fit for the program! Our sponsorships team will aim to respond to your application as quickly as possible!

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via LiveChat, Support Ticket or Twitter - and our team will glady assist!