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Congratulations if you made it here! We are offering selected YouTubers the chance to partner with us to recieve some amazing benefits and offers! If you have any further questions, please start a LiveChat!

Here are the benefits for partnering with VillagerHost!


35% Discount


Partner with us


Earn Money!

Heres a breakdown for whats on offer:


35% Lifetime Discount

All of our partners get 35% off anything from VillagerHost, for life, not just the first month! To recieve your discount code, please contact our Livechat or create a support ticket with your YouTube channel link!


Earn Money through refferals!

As part of this, youll also qualify for your own refferal code and link to use in your videos! Whenever somebody purchases anything through it, well pay you a percentage! Well also supply you with a free branding kit which includes an intro you can use in your videos!

Well also supply you with your very own discount code (You can chose whatever you like!) which will offer your viewers a extra discount, making it even easier for you to make extra cash!


Become an Official VillagerHost Partner!

Youll be a official VillagerHost partner! Exclusive discounts, your own refferal code & link and the ability to earn money at the same time! Youll also get the free intro and branding kit, and were always sending our partners free offers and benefits constantly!


If you require any help, or have any questions - please contact our LiveChat! Alternatively you can create a support ticket!

Ready to join? Its Free!

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